Warm butter beans with rosemary & garli

You can either serve this as bruschetta with the beans dished up on toast that has been rubbed with the cut side of a clove of garlic.
Alternatively, serve the beans in the middle of the table with bread on the side so your guests can help themselves.

Serves 4 as a starter 

I’ve made this with cannellini beans and butter beans and I have a slight preference for the slightly larger, firmer butter beans. Borlotti beans would also work well as would chickpeas.

1 can butter beans (400g /14oz), drained
1-2 cloves garlic, peeled & finely sliced
2 small sprigs rosemary, leaves picked pinch chilli flakes, optional

Heat a small frying pan over a medium heat and add 3 tablespoons olive oil. Add remaining ingredients and stir fry beans until they are golden and warmed through. Season well and serve with a drizzle of peppery extra virgin olive oil.

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