Beggar' Chicken

This is a traditional chinese marinated chicken recipe in soysauce and some spices.You will surely amaze on the aroma of this recipe whenits starting to simmer.

1 whole chicken
2 stick cinnon
3 pcs star anise
4 tbsp oil
1 cup dark soysauce
8 garlic cloves
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp black peppercorns
5 pcs coriander roots
3 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp fish sauce


* Pound the coriander roots garlic and peppercorns by using mortal and pestle

* In a large pot heat the oil and fry the paste until fragrant.

* Put the chicken and and lightly brown it for about2mins.

* Add in the soysauce fish sauce star anise cinnamon stick .Pour water enough to cover the chicken.

* Cover it and bring.turn the heat to medium- low and simmer it for about 60mins turning the chicken several times.

* Tranfer the chicken carefully into a deep serving dish and pour over broth into the chicken.
       For the broth u can add sugar and fisg sauce again according to ur taste.

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